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Here's a little bit about our band members

Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

Hometown: Alexandria, Minnesota

Birthday: November 30th

Raised in a small farming community in rural Minnesota, Bobbi was exposed to
the equestrian lifestyle early on by her father. The youngest of four siblings and
the shortest (Rolf says Dad ran out of sauce), you would think she was spoiled –
Not so! Working hand in hand with her professional trainer father, she worked
hard & long hours - stall cleaning, grooming, feeding, and more just to earn the privilege to learn how to ride her father’s beautiful show horses. Even going so
far as to request to be home-schooled in High School so as to be allowed to run
their training facility.

After High School, Bobbi attended Colorado State University to specialize in
Equine Breeding and Nutrition. This earned her the position of Breeding Manager and Assistant Trainer to her Dad at a sprawling 100+ acre Arabian breeding and training facility in Carnation, WA. “After earning many titles in Western, Halter,
Hunt and Dressage I decided to venture out on my own. I love that I have had so many amazing opportunities to work with some of the best & most renowned trainers in the country.”

When it comes to music, B J first tried her hand at piano at about 10 years old.
Not really finding that to her liking - she took up vocal lessons. During her early
teens she performed at recitals, concerts and had a nice little gig singing for weddings. She even cut a demo tape when she was 15 with her sister though she states “No, you will not get your hands on it!!” 
  Upon moving to Washington,
Bobbi started classical voice training as well as musical theater. Even entering a few competitions for a national circuit being judged on classical arias and musical theater. “I scored amazingly well as a Soprano in classical but scored highest in musical theater.”

Bobbi joined Latigo Lace in June of 2011 as the sole female member and front
lead singer. Though she is very much female – she is truly One of The Guys and
is a joy to be around – on and off the stage!

“When I’m not riding or singing I help run our family business, Equine Concepts, LLC.” Her father “Bob” (he wanted a boy – just kidding) has developed some of
the most unique products for the equestrian community. They not only build custom barns, arenas and facilities locally, her father designed the Equi-Cover Roundpen Cover that is portable, affordable and available, marketed and sold Nationwide
and in Canada!

 “I also enjoy snowmobiling, snowboarding, shopping, bartending, reading and mowing the lawn. Yes, mowing the lawn! I do not like cooking and I hate washing dishes!”

E-mail Bobbi -


Lead & Background Vocals, Lead Guitar

Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Birthday: ???

Rhode Island-born John Fagan is a versatile and experienced performer who blends musicianship and showmanship with a love for country, blues and rock & roll.  Prior to his move to Seattle in 2006, John had played semi-professionally with several New England acts as a guitarist (lead & rhythm, electric & acoustic), mandolinist and vocalist (harmony and lead).   As a member of the Incredible Two-Man Band acoustic duo and the South County Boys (a classic rock/classic country/blues band), Fagan performed with veteran musician Buddy Cavaleri at many bars, taverns and private parties in New England.  The duo also performed at several large festivals, including the Taste of Rhode Island and the Newport Sunset Music Festival (where they opened for folk singer Livingston Taylor).  John was also a member of the Real Deal, the backing band for Massachusetts country singer Chad Burdick.  The band played Top 40 Country, as well as music from Chad Burdick’s CD “What’s in Store”, at many casinos, clubs, fairs and festivals.  They also shared the stage with such country acts as Andy Griggs, Jamie O'Neal, Lee Roy Parnell and the legendary Charlie Daniels Band.  Shortly after moving to Seattle, Fagan co-founded popular country/classic rock cover band Renegade.  With Renegade, John performed at such venues as the Little Red Hen (Seattle), the General Store Saloon (Roy), the Red Barn (Grand Mound), the Red Wind Casino, Little Creek Casino, and the Capital LakeFair Festival in Olympia.  Currently, John also performs regularly with the Tequila Rose Band.

E-mail Adam -

Lead & Background Vocals, Bass & Table Dancin' (tips?)

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Birthday: December 13th

Known as a wild child in his early youth, Kevin got his first bass guitar at the age of 13 to keep him from running around with the troublemakers in the neighborhood and because he heard girls like musicians. “I played that bass for hours everyday, you could say I was obsessed.” He went through many phases of music; Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Fusion Jazz, Bebop, Folk, Singer Songwriter, Improvised Noise and even Musical Theater. “Over the years I ended up playing almost every musical style and situation. I’ve never stopped playing, just kept it going.” In 2003 or so Kevin discovered Bluegrass, which led him to Country and Mark talking him into joining and performing with Latigo Lace late 2004. “Those early years with Latigo Lace turned out to be a couple years of some crazy times.” Always known as a very visual entertainer who likes to have fun, Kevin can be a show all by himself. Whether he’s running around the stage and/or at times even running around the venue and dancing on tables, all while still playing his bass. Kevin returned to Latigo Lace back in 2010 as their Front of House sound engineer before returning to his old position on stage in early 2011. “Now I am back in Latigo Lace to continue the fun and push my performances to the edge of the table.

E-mail Kevin -

Drums, Band Leader & Background Vocals

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Birthday: July 1st

Mark started in music at a very young age, taking piano lessons when he was 6 and 7 years old, “That ole’ woman scared the heck out of me.” Upon taking the Seashore Test in 4th grade, he rated so high with tone recognition that the schools band teacher wanted him to play a wind or string instrument. Mark wanted none of that and settled for the drums. “I just wished I had practiced as much as my grade school friend Kenny Gorlick (Kenny G) did.” After years of running sound for other bands, being wild, running his construction company “C & C Construction” and saving the Seahawks (Save Our Seahawks), Mark got back into performing on stage. Teaming up with Nathan Arneson and others to form Latigo Lace in 1997 gave him the taste of what he had long missed. “I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to perform with many of the best musicians in the Northwest and for thousands of appreciative fans.” “The new line-up of Latigo Lace is just as good if not better then ever and I look forward to continuing the tradition of delivering some of the best LIVE entertainment in the Northwest and beyond!” Mark also continues to give back to the community through the “Jennifer Collins Foundation” ( ) in honor of his late wife, by raising public awareness about and money for cancer patient assistance programs.

E-mail Mark -

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